About Us

Our team is comprised of folks who live in the Sayulita area and those of us who share a connection with Sayulita and who wish to establish an Eco-hub in the area where we can all share in the diverse cross-cultural knowledge. We are a vibrant group bringing years of valuable experience in Permaculture, Natural Building, Green Business, Non-profits, and Anthropology.

photo organizer designer Gustavo AlcantarGustavo Alcantar (Lead Organizer / EcoDesigner) is a super-friendly humonkey with a fluid approach to life, dancing on the vibrant edge of discovery and creation. He is from San Francisco, CA but has deep roots in Mexico, being a first-generation Mexican-American and spending many childhood summers here. He has continued exploring Mexico over the past 20 years, choosing beautiful Sayulita as his annual winter getaway.

Gustavo began his Permaculture journey in 2004 and was a student of Penny Livingston (Regenerative Design Institute) the Bay Area’s Permaculture guru. He is currently serving as Director of Permaculture for the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival where a small Permaculture farm & several organic gardens are being designed and implemented.

He has produced dozens of social events ranging from Permaculture courses, Business mixers, movie nights, fundraisers, Earth Day, UN World Day, GreenFestival, and a large scale EcoHoliday shopping experience in San Francisco.

He founded Swirlspace EcoDesign in 1998 as a way to merge work and play into an evolving entity that merges his diverse interests – visual design, fashion, ecology and event/social design. In 2000 he was inspired to create his own line of Hemp tshirts and yoga/dance wear Swirlspace Hempwear. In 2003 he co-founded Urban Alliance for Sustainability, a San Francisco-based non-profit co-op that helped spread Urban Sustainability by connecting community, ecology, and business. Contact Gustavo.

bio-cuauhtemoc-landeros-100Cuauhtemoc Landeros ( Casa EcoLogics ) is a Permaculturist & Natural Builder who lives in Sayulita and is creating Casa EcoLogics, a Permaculture demonstration facility to showcase his various skills & visions for sustainable living. He is available for consulting & teaching workshops.


bio-susana-valadez2-100Susana Valadez
(Founder, Huichol Center for Cultural Survival & Galeria Tanana)
Susana Valadez has dedicated her life to the preservation of the indigenous Huichol culture. She first visited Mexico as an Anthropology student at UCLA in 1975 and was immediately taken deep into the culture, eventually marrying a Huichol Yarn Artist and raising three children in the Sierra Madre.

Since 1980 she has supported the Huichol Center (non-profit) by designing a line of high-end beaded jewelry, showcasing the amazing artistic talents and craftsmanship of the Huichol people. The Galeria Tanana in Sayulita is the public face & main financial engine of that endeavor. The Huichol Center is located in Huejuquilla el Alto, Jalisco and employs 50 locals who would otherwise be relegated to working as laborers in the fields. The Huichol Center offers an alternative reality by creating opportunities for the Huichol to support themselves while preserving their cultural legacy. The center also operates a preschool for the children of the employees as well as an after-school youth program.

Villas Sayulita
www.VillasSayulita.com  or visit on facebook
Villas Sayulita is a Mediterranean style hotel in Sayulita that has a view to the mountains and has a beautiful Permaculture garden, Jardin Secreto. We are hosting the “Introduction to Permaculture” in collaboration with BioAlkimia from Guadalajara.

TierraLuz Eco-Community
Laurie Keith & Fred Geisler

Laurie and Fred are from Langley, a small community on Whidbey Island, Washington where they created a small urban permaculture farm with a goat co-op, chickens, earthen building/barn (Cobb, Earthbag, Light straw-clay), and vegetable garden (see photos). They bought land in Sayulita with the vision of creating a beautiful home that would be self sufficient using solar power, gardens, water catchment, fruit trees, etc.  When they found this gem, they began to envision sharing it with others and the idea of building a sustainable community has grown over the last few years.